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Getting files onto my PS/2 50Z

Yvan Janssens
March 10 2019 01:03:11 PM

The usual problem most people face with old PCs is the dreaded file transfer challenge. I am aware that USB floppy drives like
these exist, however, they're less than ideal. They're okay for transferring individual files, but they often mess up when you try to write disk images to them. Writing the Windows 95 DMF floppies with those is completely out of the question even.

I've stumbled upon FastLynx by accident while trying to solve another issue. It works really well to transfer files using a null modem serial cable to a DOS machine, and allows you to use a 'bootstrap mode' to copy the client to your target device without being able to write any floppies. It also works reasonably well on Windows 10 with USB to Serial adapters. There's a free demo available which is enough to transfer a handful of files (you would probably want to ZIP them anyway and run them through PKUNZIP on the target device to reduce file size since RS232 is quite slow).

Download link for demo (in case the original website disappears): fx33demo.exe